Triple Bridge - Summer 2018

For the first time, we have implemeted a joint music programme for Ljubljana International Orchestra with selected members and the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra. The occasion we wanted to underline with the programme and this cooperation was the vital commemoration of the Great War ending 100 years ago. With the programme we made a considerable journey in musical styles and expressions from Casella to contemporary Eötvös, from Slovene composer Osterc who was also hurt in War to Berio with its ingenuine Rendering.

Chamber Concerts were a part of Jump Start activities, that provide talented young musicians with international education at the highest artistic level. Project Music Up Close Network in partnership with the European reviews and career centre, Triple Bridge offers young european musicians the opportunity to participate and progress in the unique musical experience of training with musicians such as Emanuel Abbühl, Branimir Slokar, Aleksander Madžar, François Benda, Ivry Gitlis and Martin Ostertag, among others.